What Are the Best Job Skills to List On Your Resume

Writing a successful CV requires a balancing act. If you have considerable experience, it can be more difficult to keep your resume short and sweet and still add enough information about your job skills to leave a lasting impression.

Hiring managers will be particularly interested in your skill set. This implies that while considering what talents to put on your resume, it is critical to understand what is pertinent to the position. Some will spend 6-10 seconds skimming your resume, while others will review every detail for 10 minutes; you’ll need to be prepared for both.

In this article, we’ll divide this expertise into soft and hard skills. Since each job description is unique, we’ll also show how to discover skills that the employer values. Lastly, we’ll talk about ways you can weave these skills throughout your resume.

What Are the Best Job Skills to List On Your Resume

Soft Vs. Hard Skills

The primary distinction between hard and soft skills is how they are acquired and applied on the field. Hard skills are typically gained through schooling or specialized training – including “on-the-job” training. They include skills like using a specific machine, software, or tool.

Soft skills are personal qualities that candidates usually spend their entire life honing. You can see these skills in action by how a person manages their time, communicates with others, or confronts a challenging circumstance for the first time.

Soft Skills to Include On Your Resume

According to research by Harvard University, 85% of job success comes from having soft skills. So, don’t underestimate the importance of including these on your resume!

There are tons of soft skills employers appreciate seeing on a resume. But do you know which ones to include? Check out this short list of must-have soft skills employers look for.

Problem-Solving Skills

No matter how easy a job may be, things can go wrong. When this happens, employers want to know that you can come up with a quick and effective solution. You should be able to effectively resolve problems for the organization and clients. It’d be best to add demonstrable examples of this job skill in your resume, and you can even talk about them during the interview if given a chance.

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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and deliberately, considering all aspects of a decision or situation.

Employers need employees who can think through a challenge and find the best course of action. Critical thinkers generate new and improved methods of working, making it a valuable talent to include on a resume.


Thinking outside the box and cultivating innovative ideas are valuable assets in any profession. Perhaps you can think about something in a novel way. Creativity may be demonstrated on your resume by a challenge you solved or by a creative talent such as writing or design.

Hard Skills To Include On Your Resume

Hard skills are more technical, and each job or industry will typically have its own requirements. It may be necessary to conduct some study to determine the variety of hard skills required in your area. Here are the ones you can benefit from having on your resume.

Digital Skills

Nowadays, almost every job requires workers to use computers and run specific software. You can divide “digital skills” into two or three unique technical abilities for your field. Most positions require prior familiarity with video conferencing software, project management software, and other business-related technologies.

Data Analysis

Data analysis skills are quite popular right now. In fact, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects a 25% increase in the number of hired Data Analysts between 2020 and 2030. Thus, many positions are available where you will have to analyze metrics and derive practical uses, making data analysis a beneficial job skill on your resume.

Project Management

Many jobs will necessitate project management abilities. Project management includes the capacity to manage your job flow and finish tasks on time. Perhaps you have used PM software or completed a project ahead of schedule—all demonstrate good project management.

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Which Skills Does the Employer Value?

As we’ve established earlier, every job description and employer is different. Thus, you’ll have to put a lot of thought into the job skills you put down. This section sheds light on how you can discover exactly what the employer is looking for.

To curate the perfect resume, start by researching the employer. This will help you gain insight into the company’s culture and values. If you know someone who is employed or has previously worked there, contact out to inquire about the workplace culture and what the organization values in its employees.

The company’s website can also provide a wealth of information. Studying the About Us page is a fantastic place to start.

Bottom line: Pay attention to how the firm claims to run and the workplace atmosphere it promotes, and highlight your most relevant qualities.

How To Highlight Skills in Your Resume

Remember to showcase your talents in your employment history and other resume areas, such as volunteer work or professional certifications. There, you’re more likely to demonstrate a job skill than to name it — for example, you “led a team project” to completion rather than “have leadership skills” or “project management skills.”

You would also provide measurable scenarios of your effect at your present or previous company. Impressive talents on your CV will earn you a lot of attention. Making a good impression with your resume could potentially get you the job!


Taking the effort to match will demonstrate to the recruiter why you are the ideal candidate for the position and worth an interview. Employers want to see that you have the skills necessary to succeed. They’ll compare your credentials for the position to those of your competitors based on the abilities you indicate on your CV.

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