What Will Recruiting Look Like In 2023 – Forecast And Tips

As we get farther into the 2020s, it will be crucial to monitor recruiting trends closely. Many exciting new trends in recruitment were emerging before the coronavirus epidemic, and some are now very likely to become permanent. Moreover, competition for jobs is rising, making it crucial for HR departments to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in candidate attraction and selection strategies.

In this situation, trying to predict the future of recruiting is only justified. It will allow you to implement them in your organization and stay ahead of your competitors.

Have you thought about what it takes to compete successfully for today’s top talent? Here are eight worldwide recruiting trends that companies and HR departments should keep an eye on in 2023, along with tips on how to approach these trends.

recruiting trends 2023

1. The Ascent of Data-Driven Hiring

Tools have evolved alongside technological progress. Data-driven recruiting allows for more informed decisions and discovery of previously unseen patterns in recruitment transaction data.

Rather than depending solely on gut feeling or previous experience, modern HR departments are increasingly using data analytics to inform and refine their hiring practices. The best recruiters are already using this method. Several businesses like Deloitte have dedicated Chief Talent Officer positions to manage and direct the company’s data-driven approach to recruiting and selecting new employees.

This trend will persist into 2023 when businesses collect even more information about their applicants and workers.

Recruitment Tips

Choose some key hiring indicators to monitor as a starting point. Businesses of all sizes need to track the quality of hires since it reflects the success of the hiring process as a whole. Additionally, other usual measurements include:

• Calculate your cost-per-hire.

• Time-to-hire.

• Recruiting method.

• Marks based on a candidate’s prior work experience.

• Rates of acceptance of job offers.

2. Remote Hiring Procedures Are Going Mainstream

Organizations have had to quickly adjust their policies on remote employment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. According to studies, nearly all remote workers (97.6%) want to continue working remotely, at least occasionally, for the remainder of their careers.

While this has opened the possibility of hiring great people remotely, irrespective of where they reside or if they can relocate, it has also introduced new dangers for businesses and employees, such as security and productivity concerns.

Because of this, workers are now afforded greater freedom in location and schedule. As a result, more and more hiring processes, including job fairs, interviews, and assessments, will be moved online or automated.

Recruitment Tip

The HR executives can approach this by posting a job online or connecting with candidates online, employing video interviewing tools, and setting up an online assessment.

3. Contacting Inactive Candidates Is More Important Than Ever

Passive candidates are notoriously tricky to locate and even more challenging to entice to work with an organization. The use of employee recommendation programs, headhunters, and social media recruiting, among other strategies, will become increasingly important in 2023 as recruiting firms  try to attract top talent from the vast pool of passive applicants.

To address this dilemma, recruiting companies establish a recruitment pipeline through employee recommendations and event attendance to raise brand awareness and meet prospective applicants.

Recruitment Tip

Hire a recruitment agency with staff a formidable recruiting force. They can encourage inactive candidates about the incredible opportunities available at your firm. It may also be a good idea to work with a staffing firm or a recruitment agency that specializes in finding employees for businesses in your industry. They should have a track record of locating the most qualified job seekers for your needs.

4. Employer Branding Gains Importance

In 2023, branding will be one of the most critical recruitment trends, making it essential for all businesses to pay close attention to it. Given that before applying to a company, every candidate researches the firm’s standing in the market.

Businesses are starting to understand the value of maintaining or enhancing their brand reputation. Like current customers, potential future employees will wish to be connected with a trustworthy business.

Recruitment Tips

Benefit your company with the help of these tips for developing a positive employer brand:

• Find out what is being said by your staff.

• Put positive changes in place.

• Find inspiring examples of employees’ work.

• Keep your website current.

• Get social.

• Assess the potential of your candidates.

• Introduce the brand into routine operations.

Employee Health and Wellness

5. Wellness And Mental Health Screenings Become Necessary

The epidemic will leave behind a generation that places higher importance on health and wellness. This is why work on or assessing mental health policies didn’t start until 2022.

The National Institute of Mental Health claims that a company’s bottom line can benefit from screening employees for depression and assisting those who need it. The use of employee well-being applications, surveys, and training will increase in 2023, becoming one of the industry’s most prominent hiring trends.

Recruitment Tip

Businesses that want to conduct pre-employment mental health screenings should educate themselves extensively with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Moreover, if a pre-employment physical is necessary for all new hires, the company is within its rights to demand one after an offer of employment has been extended. When hiring new employees, a company has the right to request to see their medical records, including any related to their mental health, as long as the same request is made for all new hires.

6. Modifying the Employee Experience Takes Precedence

Redesigning the employee experience is another theme from the forecast of hiring tendencies. Gallup found that companies with highly engaged workers had a 21% boost in profits, a 41% decrease in absenteeism, and a 59% reduction in turnover.

However, keeping remote workers interested and connected in their work might be challenging in the new, more independent work environment. Because of this shift, HR departments will need to rethink the employee journey and redesign it for the modern workplace.

Recruitment Tips

Use these tips to modify your company’s employee experience:

• Prioritize the Well-Being of Your Staff

• Keep a Positive Rapport Between Your Management and Your Staff

• Develop an Attitude Towards Teamwork and Cooperation

• Modify Your Methods of Onboarding

• Facilitate Quick Access to Vital Employee Data

• Maintain a Stream of Constant Feedback and Acknowledgement

• Facilitate Professional Development

• Pay Extra Attention to Your Remote Workers

• Adopt a Mobile-First Approach

Team high-fiving , recruiting trends

7. Increase Your Employee Value Proposition

While this trend has been growing in popularity since 2016, it has become even more significant in today’s competitive job market for skilled workers. In 2023, it’ll still be a major movement.

To attract and retain top talent, companies need to adopt a more personable approach to their recruitment communications.

Today, a prospective employee’s “employee value proposition” consists of the specific advantages they’ll get from joining your company. Everything from the company’s attitude and culture to its perks and prospects for advancement is part of what makes working there worthwhile.

In addition to receiving a salary, employees value the sense that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Enterprises that can connect with job candidates on a personal level will do better in the long run.

Recruitment Tips

• Share the success stories of your company’s employees.

• Express your gratitude personally.

• Inspire your staff to become even more competent.

• Be specific in your praise and rewards.

• Implement a rewards and recognition program,

8. Seek Out Resilient Individuals

We learned in 2022 that anti-fragility and resilience are essential qualities in any circumstance, from the economic crisis to epidemics and societal upheavals. Those are the types of individuals that can stand firm in adversity and are the ones that recruiters will be looking for.

Recruitment Tips

Here are five suggestions for enhancing your business’s employee value proposition:

• Determine the areas that could be stressful for employees.

• Design a well-structured assessment.

• Determine the traits of those who are resilient in challenging circumstances.

• Analyze how the hiring procedure affected the new employees.


Several fascinating recruitment trends have emerged this year. While many of these trends are expected to persist throughout the next decade, some will inevitably give way to exciting innovations.

To get ahead of the curve in 2023, you need to focus on the fundamentals of the hiring process. It’s time to make more informed, long-term-beneficial employment decisions based on data.

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