How Transparent Should You Be With Your Job Posting?

Are you using the same trite phrases every other company is using in their job ads? You may not realize it, but job applicants take note of this and can be a little put off by your ad due to a lack of job transparency.

So, the next time you’re hiring, take the time to develop a job post that’ll attract the ideal candidate. This posting is a great way to show prospective employees what you offer at the company. Keep in mind that people who apply to your job are doing so with the expectation that what they see is what they get. The key here is drafting a transparent job post.

This article focuses on why it’s crucial to see things from the applicant’s perspective, what makes a job post transparent and what you should leave out while drafting a post.

How Transparent Should You Be With Your Job Posting? Job transparency

Considering the Job Seeker’s Perspective

It’s important to note that candidates appreciate transparency. In fact, nearly 61% of candidates place importance on pay transparency, and 44% want to know more about company perks. Thus, it’s in your best interest to make job postings as transparent and honest as possible.

Think about the things that would encourage an employee to apply. These could include compensation, perks, culture, and growth opportunities.

When you tick all these boxes, this is what the job seeker tells themself:

• This company understands the value of the position

• They value open communication and job transparency

• They will value my work

• The firm cares about pay equity and inclusive hiring practices

Elements of Job Transparency in a Job Posting

Now that you know the importance of job transparency in job postings, let’s discuss the elements you can add to your job posting that would help job transparency.

A Relevant Job Title

Seems obvious enough, right? What we mean is adding titles that make sense. In other words, a title that people genuinely look for. Many businesses have titles that are out of the norm for the industry.

Even if you’re looking to use a creative job title to pique candidates’ interest, you’re better off employing the standard terminology that prospects actively search for. This raises the likelihood that more job searchers will notice your job ad through search engines and online boards.

An “About Us” Section

Job seekers want to know what to expect, so include phrases about your organization. In addition to explaining what your firm does, discuss its vision, mission, and corporate culture. Add accolades or recognitions your company has won, as well as the reasons why people enjoy working with you.


When companies are honest and transparent about their pay information, job seekers are likely to trust them. This shows prospects that the company holds itself accountable for implementing fair pay practices.

This is precisely why many federal and national governments around the globe are mandating pay transparency. Take California’s example; the Labor Commissioner’s office mandated that an employer with more than 15 employees is required to include “the pay scale for a position in any job posting.”

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Job Perks

Tell job seekers what they stand to gain by working for you. In addition to typical advantages such as health insurance or 401(k), highlight any extras that set your organization apart, such as a flexible or remote work schedule.

Additional perks make candidates more inclined to join a firm, so consider intangible rewards such as challenging work, work-life balance, and the potential to make a difference.

Job Responsibilities

Job descriptions have existed since the dawn of time. However, the significance of job descriptions in the grand scheme of things remains unclear. HR professionals and recruiters sometimes put off developing or revising job descriptions because they believe other activities are more important. Nonetheless, a well-written job description has a far greater influence on the recruitment process than you realize.

What to Omit from Job Postings

Knowing what to omit is just as important as adding information when it comes to drafting a transparent job posting. Let’s look at the three things you should leave out in your job posts.

False Promises

Don’t oversell the post by portraying the position (or your organization) as something it isn’t only to attract more applications. The technique may work at first, but it will simply attract the wrong candidates in the end. This misdirection could lead to a higher turnover and end up costing your company more time and effort in the long run.

Too Much Information

Try to strike a balance between giving job seekers the exact amount of information they need. If the job post ends up being too lengthy, the chances are that the prospect won’t read through all of it. Thus, when creating your job post, make sure to highlight what candidates must know and what can be left out.

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Catchy Or Cute Job Titles

Avoid titling your posts with phrases like “SEO Marketing Unicorn.” This gives the candidate zero information on what the job entails. An SEO marketing unicorn could do everything or nothing at all. While you may be trying to convey a fun and energetic culture, it can come off as unprofessional.


Show your respect towards job seekers by being transparent from the beginning. This will be truly appreciated, and you’ll be able to catch just the right talent for your company. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with pay transparency.

It would help to research what that looks like in your industry. Look up the job title on platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn to see the market’s competitive range. Once you know your best offer, include it in your post, and the right candidate will find you!

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